Munchin on pizza, spyin on the neighbors


 I’m trying to cheer up!

Watch me try! *twirl flip flop*


So, I totally forgot that we were having a retirement lunch for the co worker that left last week. There goes 40 bucks *sigh*

I also need 30 bucks for the Christmas lunch thingy for work.

I’m so broke… blah.

I hate being social when it costs me money. Last year someone else paid for me, but I don’t know if I can let them do it again.


At least I’m going to have pizza! I can’t wait.

I looked at the nutrition facts and almost died. OVER 1000 CALORIES!!! It’s supposed to be an individual sized thing, but I’m hoping it’s more like a medium sized pizza… so I’m hoping I can eat a few slices and get away with only have 500 calories or so. I have no idea. blah.

It’s going to be a margherita pizza (one of the cheaper things on the menu)… and I’ve never had one! It’s so lame to be excited about pizza, but when you love it like I do, getting one of the more "pure" forms of it is exciting. I remember watching a documentary about pizza and they were saying the margherita pizza was one of the first ones ever made.




Anyway, last weekend Baboo and I watched the rest of the last season of True Blood. I was mildly let down in that the ending got really slow and I was like ‘ok… start picking up again!"

I am anxious for the next season. Sucks we have to wait so long.

I have been trying to write on my story all morning. I’ve managed to tweak a few t hings in the second chapter. I don’t know why I’m so nitpicky right now. I think it’s because I’m starting and stopping so much. I need to pick up my fire and write until it goes out.

but lately I’ve picked up and then stopped because I had to and it sucks.

I wish I could write at home, but I feel exposed.

How is home any worse than being at WORK?!

Hell if I know.

I guess the weekend of the 15th i’ll have the room to myself and I an write a lot them. I’m telling Baboo to beat it for the whole weekend. I wonder if he will. lol. I’m evil.

I’m starving right now. I was gonna eat that bar, but then someone gave me half a blueberry muffin… which was SO GOOD.

So i really have no room in my WW for snacks.

Which is LAME because even if I have 550 calories at lunch… I’m STILL only at 830 calories for the day… which could be bad. I’m supposed to have at keast 1200, but I’m not. blah…

whatever shall I do?!!!

It doesn’t help that my dinner is a salad.

but I’m not gonna have what I’m making the rest of the family, which is probably gonna be burgers or hamburger helper. I defrosted ground beef, so it’s gonna be one of those! I have some hamburger buns that need to get eaten, so I’m leaning towards the burgers.

The children love burgers.


Baboo was doing WW with me, but he fell off.






I think I’ll allow myself a snack and WW can go screw itself.

so neighbor gossip… i think the girl is back. There is weird mail in the box, so I think that’s her. She must be really "living" there now. On an odd note, my landlord hasn’t come to collect rent this month. A few months ago he joked that he almost forgot and we would have gotten a free month. I hope that happens. That would RULE. lol…

Back to neighbor snooping: I was glad that I didn’t get woken up this morning at 2 am, but her car was in the driveway. So she’s there. hopefully they’ll stay quiet and stop fighting loudly at night. ha.

You know you’re boring when you’re amused by your neighbors as much as I am.

but seriously, baboo included, we get woken up at least three times a week to them doing SOMETHING.

Usually boning.

I admit, i get a little turned on, but then it’s just annoying. I’d rather be sleeping.

And then me and baboo talk about it like a tv show… "So T’s girl just left. She has a giant head."


"Ceaser tried to eat her dog" (she has a dumb little yip yip pug or something and ceaser, who can be aggressively playful and Alpha ran up to it and according to Baboo, it screamed like it was dying. Stupid little shit dog. DIE!!!!)

"ha ha!"

*next day*

"T’s girl was here all morning."

"Why?! ugh! I hope she takes that dumb little dog away!"

"ha ha, did you know she’s russian? I thought she was asian."

"Nope, I’ve never even seen her. Just the back of her head as she drives away."

We are lame.

that’s not really what we say, just a conglomeration of things we have said.

voyeur much?


I’m tired and keep yawning.


so on the work front, I really have nothing to do.

I’m about to create something because I can’t get into my story yet.

I am not a slave to the daily totals. I usually pull 10k words out of my butt in a day when I’m on fire, so I’ll just let it flow when it happens.

I’ll post the second chapter after lunch so I’ll have something to do.


stupid wednesday.

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November 4, 2009

RYN: I could talk to his son about it maybe.. they’re all in the same family!

omg i sooooo want true blood season two. josh and i watch the entire season one a couple weekends ago, from like a friday night to saturday night. obsessed.

November 4, 2009

You’re going to tell Baboo to beat it for an entire weekend???? Now, that’s a switch! @@ 🙂

November 4, 2009

RYN: Yeah, ya got that right!

I feel exposed at home too. My problem is Eric is a sneaky bastard. I will be typing away and lean back and bump into him.

November 4, 2009

At least you are the ones being annoyed and not the ones annoying everyone else? Haha! Counting points sucks! I have done that in the past. Right now I am just counting calories, fat grams and fiber. Kinda WW I guess but not really.

November 4, 2009

RYN: Yeah, I know! They’ve got the whole thing blown out of proportion! I don’t know why the media likes to fuck with people’s head’s like this! But then, what’s the cause of death of the one’s who DO die?(Or, are they just working themselves over with fear.)

November 4, 2009

Oh, and regarding Joanne and Donny…I don’t think there’s much hope for that one!

November 4, 2009

We don’t normally have HBO so I only started watching it this season when it we had 3 months free. Only I didn’t get to see what happened with the season finale b/c HBO was cancelled by then. catch me up?

its perfectly okay to be a voyeur 🙂 Chris

November 4, 2009

I have never in my life heard anyone else boning. I wish I could. 🙂 I so want the PPP Trifecta… but for now I only have a PP difecta… booo

I need to start eating healthier. Seriously… my eating habits suck. I would EPIC FAIL a diet fo sho.

November 4, 2009

I’ll have to look that pizza up. It sounds interesting

November 4, 2009

flex points!

November 5, 2009

I don’t eat in restaurants much and I’m generally glad for it because I know how bad the stuff tends to be for you. When I do eat out it’s usually someplace more along the lines of asian, but i’m just a fan of rice.

November 5, 2009

I’m having trouble getting into my NaNoWriMo writing so far…. no good