SIM PIC NATION (very picture heavy)

Well, it’s a picture heavy entry and I don’t care! yaaay!

Ok, so first, have some strange CAC notes. Just fyi.. pita stands for pain in the ass, which refers to a lovely gentleman named Mr. Silver who could only fuss and complain and be a general butt bucket the entire time. he objected to EVERYTHING and made us all roll our eyes.

my notes (I"m so professional) (the top of the written section was written by my boss. ha ha!)

I know, I’m totally qualified for my position.

anyway, now for the fun part… sim stuff!!! these pics were taken awhile ago and I"ve just been too busy to upload. I haven’ finished my OD street in my neighborhood though….

First… the beautimous Untamed Cowgirl… heh. She’s not pregnant in sim world yet…

Yeah i know, i made her a cowgirl. I don’t think she’ll mind. har har… so that’s her and her man..


hiiiiiiii (her mayan!)

They had a conversation where obviously he was commenting that he didn’t like the law… and she scolded him. heh heh. oh well, that’s sims for ya.

and NOW.

the ever lovely PINTADORE!!!


There she is with her puppy/dog/lovinmuffin. heh

a close up… hows about a smile!


um. ok. that works!

and a few random puppy lovin shots

(that’s a store in the background. it sells cute clothes…)

soooo cute!

and just to make this entry take even LONGER to load… pics of Kims house!!!! It’s as close as i could get it…. or as i wanted to get it, cuz i wanted it to be cute and playable… here we go!

heee, look at the truck! a close up you say? ok!

Yes, those are bunnies on the side. I thought it suited her… hee hee

a full overview… nice eh….

living room


kids room

more kids room

Dickies room

Kims bathroom

the laundry room hallway! i like it. i want one like that. heh

another view of the kitchen. i made a see thru pantry for her. heh heh

more cute kitchen!

the cute closet…

Kims bedroom!

and that… folks.. is the LAST PIC.

yeah, i know, i could have split it into two entries.

but i didn’t want to.

and now i’m off to make sure my bed isn’t full of play doh.

though i already know it is. jacob has found a treasure, and it’s red and moldable.

play doh.

in my bed.


and now jonathon is falling and running into walls.

what the hell.

i guess i’m out of here.





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November 15, 2006

thats too cute

November 15, 2006

Hehe, it looks wonderful hun. 🙂

November 15, 2006

Thank you 🙂 The doggie pic is so-close-to-real-life! And Kim’s house is a mansion — you & the boys can move in.

you should make me and like a kitten ranch. hahaha. ::huggles: Chris

November 16, 2006

Monique no love me – No sims for me… Cute pictures, girlie. You are VERY talented and I absolutely LOVE your notes/hand drawings! YOU ROCK, Babe!!

November 16, 2006

Pintador is a hottie!

November 16, 2006


November 16, 2006

hahaha kim’s house is very large. i love the straight-on dog pic. hahaha

AWESOME!!! You Rock!!!! I’m going to make one of you too!!! <3 Annie-Rae

OMG.. That is soooo my house.. only a wee bit more spacious. You’re the ish.

LOL dont forget about meeee!!!`

November 21, 2006

yay! (i’m catching up here, can you tell. I like your nano story, i’ve decided.)