Wanna be a Sim? I can make your dream come true!

Since when did the Beastie Boys get old with freaking GREY HAIR. I was channel surfing last night and there they were, and there was one of them (as long as i’ve known of the group, i can’t decipher who is who and I guess I just don’t care enough to figure it out. ha ha!) with a full head of silvery grey lovin.

what the hell.

they are old?




yeah, i remember being in second grade yelling with my brother "brass monkey!!! you funky monkey!" and liking that girls song, thinking it was being NICE to girls.


oh sweet lord. It’s amazing what innocence hides.

Anyway, hi.

I’m finally into work and I have much to post today.


I have begun my Sim creation of Holly aka i got id…. and i’m loving it.

hee hee.

now her chin may not be right, and i gave her cat blue eyes… but i’m still working with it! I could always recreate her, but I think a little variation from the real thing is "ok".


so here’s my question… i’m totally gonna be a big dorky nerd and create an entire block of my most played neighborhood with my OD peeps. That’s ya’ll! I don’t know what everyone looks like, or who might be totally freaked out that I want to do such a thing *chortle*… so let me know if you want to be in it (and that means i’ve gotta know what you look like, or else i’ll just make you up. ha ha!) or if you DON’T and the whole idea of me doing such a thing scares you… hahahah!

 and then I’m gonna play in my neighborhood and post simtastic antics to giggle at. Because you know it’ll happen. Sims like to have affairs and get into fights! hahahah.

I know I’m strange.

stop looking at me like that.

anyway, so far, I’m doing Holly (i got id), Myself (muahahahh), Kim (desertangel), and Jess (bluesun). I can even add your animals now (which prompted this crazy idea of mine in the first place) so it just RULES.

i love my new game. mmhmm.

Oh yeah! and for J. who asked about what sort of birds, they all seem to be macaws of various colors. and you can teach them to talk. the word my guy taught his bird was "woozel" or something weird like that. it was so cute! he has a bright blue one, there is also a white one, the red one, and 2 other colors i forget… yeah, you can carry them around on your shoulder and everything. it’s soooo cute!

and i realized that my computer IS powerful enough to run the game AND allow me to chat in the background. which really makes me happy, cuz i always feel so disconnected (yeah yeah yeah) when i’m not able to chat with my peoples.

so wooha!!!!

that is all.

continue with your daily business.

I’ll be back with Hollysim pictures, her hairstyle options, her HOUSE (not finished yet) and her wovely children aka Fin (we love you forever and ever and ever…) and Jetty (crazy cat du jour)….


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October 20, 2006

crazy cat du jour needs his psycho yellow eyes! hahaha

October 20, 2006

Oh YEAH!! 2 dogs, 3 cats. And they all hate all the rest. Have fun!

October 20, 2006

Yea I can’t wait to see pictures of Holley and of me when i’m on there!!! maybe give me two cats and let me know how they get along and the game will decide if i end up really getting another cat! hahaha and his name should be Kosmo…hehe you really make me want to get sims… i like want to get an old version and just play it for fun or something… i’d prolly kill my people tho! haha

October 20, 2006

i know the beastie boys totally got old i saw them in rolling stones a few months ago and was like WOAH!!!! you know what else Green Day is getting up there too!! yikes!

October 20, 2006

I wanna be a sim. Then we can have some fun. 😛 Hehe, take care hun.

this is going to be awesome!

Good stuff!

ohhhh!!!! Make a sim of me!!! <3 Annie-Rae

Damnn. The Beastie Boys got grey hair?!