5 Quick Steps To Think About After A Break Up

Step One
Acceptance. Your ex broke up with you. Just like it is not easy to hear that the person you are madly in love with no longer loves you, believe it or not, it is difficult for your ex to break the news that they do not love you anymore. So credit where credit is due, atleast your ex was honest about how they felt.

Step 2 Pleading?
My view here is that it doesn’t help to beg your now ex lover to try again. Your ex obviously gave your relationship with them great thought and made up their mine that it is not working. Even if your ex did give the relationship another go, your ex might just come to the same conclusion that it is not working out. Your ex is not the only future love of your life out there. Sometimes things don’t work out. That just means you haven’t found the right person yet. Do you want them back because you feel its to challenging to start over again with someone new?

Step Three Staying Friends?
Do you still want to be friends with your ex lover? If yes, could you cope with your ex introducing you in the future to their new lover? Ask yourself why do you want to still be their friend? Most important is does your ex still want to be friends with you? Sometimes its best to remain civil, see your ex as an acquaintance and move on.

Step 4 Avoid Being Revengeful
Your hurt emotionally, your heart is broken, you feel wronged. Its not fair, how could you be rejected? Didn’t you invest your time and effort in the relationship? How dare your ex just leave you and go find someone else? Getting revenge and saying bad things about your ex behind their back is not a good way to cope with a break up. If anything it makes you look bitter and nasty. Plus it wont bring your ex back. Does your ex have power over you? Of course not. So don’t let his decision to break up with you bring the worst out of you, you are better then that.

Step 5 Moving On
Keep yourself busy, go out to different events, concerts, parties, clubs, maybe meet up with some friends, and when you meet someone new, avoid bringing up your ex or saying things like “you remind me of my ex when you do that,” or “my ex use to do that it was so annoying.” Be as social as you can be and focus on finding a new lover. Always move forward, the past is in the past.

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