Charles Ghose December 8th 2020 Diary Entry

Tuesday December 8th 2020,
Today has been mildly cold. The year will soon be changing to a new year. I wonder if things will be better in 2021. There is hope in the new vaccine against the Coronavirus. Covid-19 is changing life for everyone. In New York City so many businesses are closed down and will not be returning. So many boarded up store fronts and signs advertising space to rent. There is a possibility that in-door dining could be stopped in NYC if things don’t get better. Friends of mine have left the City, or they have retired or are working virtually.

I try to stay positive, grateful and humble. I take the Covid pandemic very seriously. I wear a face mask and even gloves. I try not to go out too much, unless its to the grocery store or medical appointments. I have felt much more isolated then i usually would feel.

When the pandemic was really bad back in March and April i noticed how quiet the City was during the day. There was hardly any traffic, i felt like i was in the suburbs, it felt scary in away the silence in the City, the stillness, the feeling of emptyness. I actually missed the sounds of car horns honking and crouds of people filling up the sidewalks. I did not feel like i was in in a City, but maybe like a movie set, where everyone had gone for the day.

But the City has started to feel like a City again. New York City is returning slowly, but if people don’t take the Covid pandemic seriously then things might go back to the days of lock down.

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