Laptop Lifestory

I am on the laptop so I can write an entry longer than  few sentences, Ok that’s not totally true its so I can buy a memory card and a hard-drive from amazon but while i’m here…..

I am a grown up, a 3o year old living with partner working and enjoying life domestic goddess (yeh right) grown up. I don’t know how I got here but me and Paul have been together 10 years are renting a house in Wiltshire and Im working in an electrical wholesalers. When not working I am mainly sleeping. Well that and eating a lot of food and drinking alot of Gin, my tipple of choice. Well gin and prosecco but a whole bottle of presecco doesnt fit in my inflatable unicorn cup holder so gin is drunk more. We still have Min cat my  shes getting old but still knows how to play paul and me off of each other to get more food. Shes also a very good bed Hogger, snorer and cuddle monster.

Im trying to thing about intresting things to tell you but really nothings happened other than all my sisters popping kids out and me getting older and fatter and calming down and getting old.

On that note bed it is, bacon friday tomorrow (Joy !)



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