Best Laid Plans

Just when you think things are going to get a bit more normal, life throws something at you. It is rarely big things but when your life is chaos as mine is, it makes a world of difference.

For one, I am adjusting to the wellbutrin I am now on to help me focus. It is not doing that yet and quite the opposite. I was mentally absent at the day job yesterday. I have a LOT of writing to do and by all accounts, I should be doing that now. However, right after the mother in law was improving the husband got a terrible cold. What that means is that I don’t have the backup for the kiddo and while she is twelve, she is also very active. So, I an taking her here and there and kind of being present at home. Last night, I took her to see the in laws and it was nice. I came home intending to write but I fell asleep for far too long. I am sleeping anywhere but the room that he is in since colds are rough that way. I come downstairs and sleep on my own when I have one just to be considerate and I told him to sleep as much as he wants. The kid often joins me in said room or I go up to hers. Yes, we’re close.

I woke up later than planned and feeling a little foggy. I figured I’d write here and chill out until her soccer game later and then a family birthday party for my mom’s 80th. There will come a time when I can just sit and write without interruption or distraction and I will get that done, as I always do under extreme pressure. I love writing more than almost anything but one of the best parts is giving myself fully to it, not coming in and out to answer questions and such.

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October 29, 2017

Hope you feel better soon. The best laid plans never do seem to go right, do they?

October 31, 2017

Colds are killer… esp when it’s not you who’s got the cold. Winter germs are such a pain. Hope things settle down.