Chronic Illness…

IHello, everyone. I can certainly deal with the idea of chronic illnesses. I have a plethora of them, number one with a bullet being depression and anxiety. I have had these diagnoses since I was 26 years old. I am now 61. Perhaps that explains the road that I have been on in my life, those diagnoses, plus making poor choices. At age 61, I can honestly say that I am making much better choices. I can see possible outcomes and “red flags” with much greater clarity, if you will. After awhile, you learn that “Hey, this would be a really bad idea”. Or, “This simply would not work”. These stem from past mistakes that I have made.

Getting back to chronic illnesses….I have severe chronic obstructive sleep apnea. I am on a c-pap machine, at night and have had numerous sleep studies. It truly is severe. I have been a very loud snorer since I was a child. I stop breathing while sleeping, hence the use of the c-pap machine.

I am a type 2 diabetic. My a1c’s are usually excellent. I am looking into getting a pair of diabetic shoes through my insurance. I am not a “sweet-aholic”. That helps. I have been type 2 since I was in my 30s.

I have hyperlipidemia. I am on Simvastatin. I have hypertension (controlled). I take Indapamide and Benacar.

I have had Bipolar 1 Disorder for many years. It is controlled very well with Vraylar and Gabapentin.

I have chronic gastrointestinal disorders, which are controlled with Aprivo, Pentoprazole, Carafate and Cholestyramine.

The list goes on……

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2 weeks ago

Holy wow! We have many of the same medical issues, and take many of the same medications. I’m 55, and I was diagnosed with BPD in 1999. Been on disability since then, too. I still can’t work a regular brick and mortar job.

2 weeks ago

Carina, my heart goes out to you. You probably feel overwhelmed at times, not unlike myself. Take care and thank you for the friend request. 🙂