This morning, my anxiety got the best of me. My household chores list was longer than usual, and I had put in a work order w/ the housing authority, to have my shower drain unclogged. I actually cried, briefly while attempting to clean my kitchen. I thought about Bear, being a resident of long-term care, and me, being here by myself. Yes, it was brief, but I had a small meltdown, nevertheless. I managed to do everything that I had to do. I just feel very nervous, today. I just took a Hydroxyzine (Vistaril) 25 mg. tablet for anxiety, and my prescribed noontime Gabapentin (prescribed for me as a mood stabilizer for my Bipolar 1 Disorder). Hopefully, they will kick in, and my feelings of being frazzled and nervous will ease up. I am also trying to make application for another program in which I can receive additional help with transportation. There is an endless form which must be filled out, and I have been trying to get in touch with the person whom might possibly be able to help me with that. So far, I have not received a response. I had to schedule an annual mammogram. My last one was in December of 2020. So, I am a little late. I am trying to get a worker through a homecare agency. I qualify, but they have not assigned me a worker since my daughter stopped assisting me early last Fall. My nurse through the home health agency transferred me to the person in charge of that. I left a message on her voicemail. I need additional help. I am 61 years old, and managing everything is getting rather complicated. I was assigned a new case manager through the behavioral health agency. Perhaps she can assist me with some things. More later.

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January 11, 2022

I hope you get better soon and get the help you need. I love you

January 11, 2022

Thanks, Bear70.