From Then to Now

due                                                             My wake-up time was “the usual” 5 am. I went through my normal routine. I used to be able to complete all of my basic household tasks, and then proceed with getting a shower. I now get up out of bed, steadying myself with my walker. After I steady myself for a few seconds, I am ok to walk. Before making coffee, I put on my diabetic shoes for added balance, apply a topical ointment called Arthritis Hot, to both knees,  due to severe osteoarthritis. My eyes and face are so dry and salty when I first get up, that I have to wash off my face with a cold water wash cloth. After all of this, I go into the kitchen to make my coffee. While it is brewing, I turn on the computer to u-tube, because I like to listen to old Catholic hymns in the early morning, while having a cup of coffee. After that, I take my morning medications which consists of a baby aspirin, Gabapentin, Wellbutrin, Vraylar, Hydroxyzine Hydrochloride, Aripiprazole, Indapamide, Benacar, Levothyroxine, Oxybutynin, Potassium Chloride, Pantoprazole and Apriso. After that, I put the cellphone on the charger, empty my ashtray to get ready to wash, take any trash out to the kitchen wastebasket, and rinse out the coffeepot and filter. I then lay out what I am going to wear for the day and clean linens for my shower. I have been taking a shower between 7am and 7:30am, because I have been going outside, early in the morning, before it gets too hot. After that, I return to my apartment, to finish my basic household tasks. During that time or shortly thereafter, my home delivered meal usually arrives. I have that, then go down to check for my mail and the newspaper. I might stay out there for a while, if it is not too hot. My helper arrives in the late morning. She completes basic tasks, washes laundry and does major cleaning. I really appreciate her assistance. I am in my early sixties. Trying to do everything by myself can be daunting, as I tried to do while my worker was on vacation. I got behind on my laundry, even though I tried my best. I was able to do very basic tasks. 

             I have mentioned about the tenant whom seems to be itching for an argument, for whatever reason. I have figured out what he might be hoping for. I think that he hopes that when he throws a potshot at me, I will stoop to his level and say something back. I think that he would love it if I used some foul words, which I never do. I have decided that the BEST response is NO response. He is a supreme smart aleck, therefore should we enter into an argument, I know that he would win every time. 

             Bear called a few minutes ago, as I was typing this entry. He left a message on my machine, saying that he might go to some type of party at the nursing home in which he resides. I think that would be fun for him. I would love to see him participate in some of the activities that they have, there. More later.

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