Of Wedneday…

I t was one of those nights, that spilled over into one of those days. Someone turbulently buzzed my intercom, at 7pm last night, after I had just fallen asleep for the night. It startled me, which was probably the exact result they were hoping for. Being that I could not get back to sleep, I opted to have a large bowl of chocolate ice cream. I woke up, later sick as a dog. This went on for hours. I will spare you the details of my maladies. 

                     I basically do alright by myself, on a daily basis, but the harassment wreaks havoc on my overall mood. I am hoping for a quiet night, tonight. 

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April 19, 2023

Those people who harrass you are complet low life scum bags! I hope you have a better night

April 20, 2023

@bear70 Thank you.

April 19, 2023

Hope you are feeling well… Chocolate ice cream is the worst 🙁

-thinking of you