Today I give thanks. I give thanks for the beautiful sun which has come out today and meant that walking back from the surgery was really nice. I give thanks that S was able to take my blood which means I don’t need to travel over to East Surrey. I give thanks for P who is popping over to see me. I give thanks that I was able to get a taxi over to the surgery this morning, which meant that I was able to get it done easier.

I need to start finding ways to channel this positivity more. I just read someones Insta feed where they were talking about the Schumann resonance which is a very low frequency of the Earth’s electromagnetic field. She connected it to human lifes subconscious. Absolutely fascinating – and so I give thanks for all of these magical wonderful things which are out there which I can learn about and which can give me life.

The lying voices are telling me shit already. Oh she’s such a fraud, she’s so insincere. She only cares about these things to make her seem cool, different. I ignore it X because it’s all such BS, like year 8, bitchy girl stuff. Although I can see, in this sentence, it should have ended where I’ve put the X.

I’ll get there. I WILL GET THERE.

I will learn that I DO NOT need to feel bad about my anger.

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