So I haven’t written on here for a little while. I’ve recently moved into a new flat, have been here for 8 nights and so far it’s all gone relatively painlessly. I wrote a blog post last night talking about change and how strange it can be when you’ve anticipated something for such a long time. I have wanted to move for so long, years in fact, and I think that a small part of me was a little depressed about this- was starting to think that I never would. Although not entirely. A large part of it, if I’m entirely honest, was laziness on my part, or apathy might be a better way to put it. Last year was so mental, and then the two years before that I’d started working and that was largely pulling my attention and focus. My boss told me, when I mentioned in conversation that I wanted to move that I was insane to give up the flat I already had, as it was an assured shorthold tenancy and getting those nowadays was rare. She kind of dumped on my parade tbh, but that was very like her, she was blunt to the point of often being rude.

After I left there I only worked at new job for four months before relapsing and so this move now has come at the end of a long whirlwind of random and utter chaos. This year has crept past- I can’t believe we’re into the last third of the year. They say time flies when you’re having fun, yet this year has just been banal and yet it’s still flown past. Though I think this has kind of been the same for everyone with Covid and the lockdown etc- it’s generally been a very weird year.

However the flat I’ve moved into is beautiful. I’m so very pleased with it and so pleased that all the hard work, blood sweat and tears has been worth it. I was so worried I’d choose I paint colour, or the carpet and dislike it once it was down but I haven’t. It’s so nice and I’m really looking forward to continuing to decorate and organise over the next couple of weeks. I have a bathroom cabinet and bath storage set being delivered Monday- my mum’s going to pick it up and bring it over so I can get my bathroom looking really nice and also start organising and packing away some of my toiletries. This will be great as I have a lot of stuff, bits and pieces I really want to find storage space for in this new flat and pack away rather than leaving out on my window sill as I did in the old flat. Monday should be good, I’m really looking forward to this, and later today I’m going to buy a book shelf which I can hopefully get a good delivery date on because once I have that I can remove most of the books from my lounge. They’re all sitting on boxes at that moment, and they’re forming the main part of all the crap I’ve still got to sort out. I also need to pick a table. I was decided upon a flip side one where the sides come up and make it bigger, but now I’m not sure. I was looking a four seater tables the other day and it might look better to simply have the table full size. I’m not sure and need to spend some time having a look.

At the moment I’m distracted as my dad and a guy he knows are here, trimming down the bottom of all the doors in my flat so that they don’t drag on the carpet. It’s very, very noisy work and Vienna is curled up in my wardrobe and she is not happy. Unfortunately she’s chosen to sleep next to the wall that is next to where most of the work is being donw. I find it offensively noisy and I’m in the next room, where she is it must sound like an avalanche right next to her head. I’m really feeling bad because it’s been a very stressful few weeks for her. She didn’t like moving too much, and on the day of the move hid under the kitchen cabinets for the whole day and almost didn’t come out when I was ready to move. I thought I was going to have to spend the first day without her and come back for her on the next but luckily I went back to the flat with my mum later that Friday, mum stayed in the car and when I went up on my own she did come out and let herself be put in the basket and moved. The next day she stayed under my duvet on my bed for the whole day and didn’t come out, and when I checked on her she had really sad, stressed eyes. So I’m hoping she’ll be ok today- it really is so very loud.. :/

Anyway, I think I’ll leave it there. Might come back and write more in a bit.

Have a good day.

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September 5, 2020

Congratulations on your new flat. I bet you will like your new place. I moved into a new apartment last November so I could be closer to my daughter and I just love the place. Take it slow when it comes to organizing your new place.