So today has been positive! I went round to look at the council property I bid on. It’s the second time I’ve gone to view it; the first time I went round there was nobody there and so I couldn’t really see very much. This time when I got there, with my mum, the builders were still there and so they let us go inside to have a look which is what I’ve been wanting to do for the last two weeks since I put the bid on it. I found out last Monday that I’m being offered it, but because it needed a lot of work on it she said I won’t get to view it until next Wednesday- so I’m so chuffed I got to look at it today because it’s niiiiice!!

It’s not massive, and is probably smaller than where I am now but it’s big enough for one person. Is technically a bedsit, and so mum and I talked it through and worked out that I could put a partition through in the kitchen space, and then put a bed in and turn it into a small bedroom. The room on the front would then be the lounge and it’s big enough for a decent sofa and probably a table and chairs set as well. Luckily theres a storage room which is seperate to the house, and so that will solve the problem of storage space because I can put so much stuff out there.. It’ll need some planning and some thinking but I think I could make it work. I’m in a bit of a position because if I don’t accept it then I’ll be obligated to accept the next place that I see, or come off of the housing register. So I think I’m going to take it. It has a garden, which is very exciting, and it allows pets which is great.

So I’m excited for this, I’ve just started looking at flat decoration ideas 🙂 I also noticed the light there as well- it’s got big windows in the lounge which make the room really light. Compared to the flat I’m in now the space seems very light and open. So I’m kinda super psyched about it, and now just need to wait one more week until they contact me from the council and the process of moving can be started.

Moreover it was nice seeing mum, the symptoms didn’t come on and this was really positive. In fact just writing that is empowering.

I will get there.

Have a great day 🙂

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