It’s been raining here since I woke up, at just before 7am. I was scheduled to go into my volunteering today, but they cancel it when there’s heavy rain and when I woke up this morning I did wonder that they might. I got up regardless though! Which I”m pretty darn pleased with myself over. It shows progression, that there’s been quite significant progression in the last six months. I feel as though there has been a change in me- I’m not where I want to be yet, I still have a way to go, and it’s all still settling, the dust is settling still. However six months ago, had that alarm gone off and it had been raining I would have gone back to sleep. I’ve followed a strange pathway over the last six months, sometimes it seems that doing the apparently counter productive activity can actually be productive.

I’ve come back to the question of faith again. As my last post showed it’s something which is often on my mind. I need to learn more about the different faiths of the world, what they believe etc. I don’t classify myself as religious because I believe that faith is a lot more personal than that, true faith is a lot more personal than that. In my instance, for me, it’s more personal. I don’t think I have a right to hypothosise about others.

Anyway. That ran it’s course. I’ll come back to the present. I’m starting work on a new project today. I decided yesterday I’m going to work on something different over the next three months- I think that slogging though editing and changing what I’ve already written is just going to be too taxing. I’m feeling quite positive right now and as if it would be do-able, yesterday I didn’t although yesterday I was doing a 500 cal day and so was feeling quite overwhelmed with that. I still haven’t 100% decided whether or not I”m going to continue on with the 500 cal day. Anyway that’s something else.

I decided yesterday to start something new. I think that this is the right thing to do. Yesterday I was feeling a lot more certain about it but that is likely just because today I”m faced with actually starting it.

(Lol a few days later- I came back to the site and hadn’t published this, so figured I may as well even though it’s not finished.)

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