I’m so sick of this rambling to nowhere. I woke up late, and was pissed off but got straight in front of the laptop and actually did about two hours good work. I’m now trying to work out the best way to approach the rest of the evening, so that I can get up tomorrow.

I’m sick of all of this indecision. This is the truth now, I’m sick of it, absolutely through the ground, gritting to the back teeth sick of it. But I don’t know how best to overcome it.

I’m going to set my alarm for 7am tomorrow. And get up. My indecision, uncertainty, would be helped by regular routine. I don’t know whether to take my meds now, or whether I’d just lay in bed for hours.

I’m so sick of this. Just need to get up in the morning. Sit down at the laptop, write/work for three hours.

Just that.

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I hear you. 🙁