I just saw the start of someone else’s diary on here as I was signing in, and it started, something along the lines of “I’m blessed- I give thanks for my blessedness, and etc etc.” It made me think. My friend N says that as she lies down to sleep every night she gives thanks for the things that have happened to her that day which have been positive, and I also read something recently which talked about the power of gratitude. The power of giving thanks, and it really resonated with me. I have tried to remember to do it every night as I lie down to sleep, I’m probably not remembering every night but I’m trying. Expressing gratitude really does create good, positive energy. It’s like it flicks a switch and then I will feel better.

I’m giving thanks right now for feeling slightly calm this morning. Lol.. but the gremlins have run away a little bit. If I don’t continue to express gratitude now will that mean something massive, am I being judged continuously on every single thing I do. I don’t want to be. I’ve put, in the book plot I’m working on atm, actually no on the one that I’ve left behind for now because it was simply too close to home, that Lucifer explains to the main character- a run in with the Gods leaves you with complete uncertainty, not being sure about anything. Up is like down and down is like up, hot is like cold and visa versa. A run in with the Gods is a metaphor for schizophrenia. I need to stop trying to figure it out. That is basically the most important thing from all this, stop trying to figure it all out. Forgive yourself, for it is only when you forgive yourself that you will stop attracting negative energy.

Anyway. I’m going to plot for a little while. Wish me luck.


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November 22, 2021

Good luck!!