Went out with mum to B&Q this morning to pick up lamp-shades, and ended up finding a nice table that will go well in the hallway next to the bookcase. Then got home just in time for my psychology appointment at 1pm, which went well. We’re still talking about the self-compassionate work, and appraoch to recovery and progression.

I’m kind of having the times now, where I’m accepting the things which used to make me feel terrible.

Took a short break. Not sure if I have the energy today to write like this- l’m not sure that it’s always helpful. I’m switching to the book, as writing on here is often a kind of distraction. If working on the book gives me 10 points, coming on here gives me at least five whereas doing no writing gives me 0. So I’m heading to the book. Though I may put together a table first.


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October 27, 2020

I have found writing to be a good distraction for me. Good that you are finding it to be the same.