Why this is relevant now..

The guy that I’ve just got back in touch with. I really like him, I have very strong feelings for him. But I think that he’s very perceptive, and I think that he picks up on everything in the last post.

I know that taking some time for myself is definitely sensible. But on the flip side I’m not sure if I’ll get over all of this on my own.

I want, to be with him, and let positivity negate negativity. But I think that my matter of fact attitude may be off-putting.

I truly believe that only love heals, and my feelings for him are stronger than anything I’ve known before. If we were to actually get together I think it could be magical, but I don’t know what I’d do for him. Lol.. I think this is what’s really getting me, is that all that negativity might mess this up now. I think I could be good for him, I really think it could be good.

I don’t hate men. I just fcking hate them in moments, but I think what I’m learning more and more is that this is normal- all women likely fcking hate men at times. In fact I think I’ve literally just realised this in this moment. I don’t fcking hate men, I hate certain men from the past and I hate certain types of men and I hate certain behaviours and presumptions, but again this is normal.

Ha HA HA I’m such a lamb.

I guess, after a lot of words, I feel like I get all that’s happening at the moment.

All that’s happening for me anywhere.

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May 27, 2019

hmmm…sounds like you picked up a lot of good points on this last post…

Remember that nothing great ever comes from not taking risks….

If you want the brass ring you are going to have to get in that ring and compete!

Good Luck!!