Where’s the laundry fairy?

This week in general has been hard with having 2 sick kids with no help. I feel like I’m going through some type of mental breakdown. The tears randomly come and the depression stays. I just want to feel semi normal again. The stress has now gotten me to where if it weren’t for my kids that I probably would not get out of bed at all. Staying on the couch all day with the laundry so overwhelming that everyone in the house is running out of clothes to wear. Hired a house cleaner to have some of the weight taken off of my shoulders only for that to disappoint… What kind of house cleaner walks past dishes in the sink and doesn’t do them? That was more stressful than it was worth. I need a day or a weekend with no responsibility and no one to take care of but me. Maybe the laundry fairy will come while I am gone, of course he*l would have to freeze over for me to be able to go first.

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