the fat wife

hello im the crazy fat wife that catches my husband of 3 years looking at other girls ass’s while holding out 11 moth old daughter. he isnt perfect and neither am i, but every time i catch him and i say something he denies it even when i know for a fact i saw him… today a girl walked by in a crop top and short shorts and im no skinny or “good looking” mom i gained weight after having our baby and having severe postpartum  depression. isnt the best thing after having a baby and its summer time. so yeah im, on the bigger side and yeah im very insecure and yeah i get jealous alot. so she walks buy ad he clearly looks so i yelled ‘oh you like that ass huh jason?” he got nervous and walked behind the car with bright red cheeks and took a hit of his vape. that told me everything that i already knew. every time and i catch him too. fuck him and fuck her.

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June 17, 2021

It’s okay to be fat. Forgive yourself for being fat. You are a beautiful woman even though you are fat. Fat isn’t all that you are. You have many beautiful qualities and feminine gifts as woman. You do not have to feel insecure. You are perfect just the way you are. You are lovable.

June 18, 2021

@journalsecret    thank you

June 18, 2021

Jealousy is a tough beast to battle with. So is insecurity. But like Forest Queen said, and trust me on this, your insecurities are not necessary. I’m a big guy. My wife is a big girl. We’ve been through the insecurities and jealousies but in working through that and building trust and confidence in each other, the down sides are now nothing of any consequence and we can even have fun with certain aspects of that. I don’t know you and I don’t know him so I can’t say his intentions or thought process so I can’t make any assumptions or suggestions but willing to talk more about it. I wish ya the best and I hope you can get some peace of mind out of it all. Like I said, it’s not easy but absolutely possible to be absolutely okay with these things. Communication and trust are key.

I’m pretty chubby myself and I see those skinny arse bitches walking about, you know what I say??

June 18, 2021

Do you honestly expect your husband stop looking?  Don’t you look at handsome young men?  It’s pretty much up to you to engage your husband’s attention.  And frankly, loudly pointing out his mistakes is not endearing – to anyone.  Just tell him that seeing him look at other women hurts your feelings.  Don’t let him think it’s okay, but let him realize his life partner is still recuperating and needs his emotional and physical support.

You have experienced a life changing event being pregnant and giving birth.  Your hormones have been on a roller coaster.  Your body is not the same as it was before you became pregnant.  It may never look exactly the same again, either.  Welcome to womanhood.   But here’s the best part of your life.  It’s your life.  You are in control.  Not your husband.  Not your baby.  You own your life, your intelligence, your body.  Love yourself and the rest will follow.