Blast from the past

Haven’t written for so long.

But something worthy of record today. I attended WB’s wedding! Those who have been reading will know that he’s my drama club leader n we were very close in Uni. Have not met him for 5 years n so happy that he finally found the love of his life, n also that he got baptized last year n it was a church wedding!

He told me “终于等到了”。I told him good things r worth waiting for. 🙂

GY drove all the way from KL with his wife to attend the wedding! Those who have been following my diary would also know GY. Think we haven’t met for almost 10 years. It was nice to catch up n when we started talking, it was just like back in the old drama days, as if the gap of years in between did not exist. 他还是一样,一点也不会生疏。虽然不知道几时还会再见,但是我想,有些朋友之间的感觉就是不会因时间和空间改变。

想念那些年无忧无虑,一起排戏、夜宵、zobo 的日子。


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