E started childcare!

Little E started toddler class in childcare centre n he adjusted better than expected. He actually nodded when i told him I was going off, and asked him to listen to Teacher n drink his milk n sleep. Then he waved goodbye. Of cos Teacher said he did cry after I left n when he couldn’t fall asleep, but I was very grateful he spared me the heartache of a teary drop-off. He was also cheery at pickup n continued to be cheery at home. The next day, he was eager to go to school n enthusiastically signaled us to put on his shoes for him.

I can still remember how D was crying at drop off for 3 months when he started childcare at 3 years old. Had expected E to be worse cos he’s only 18 months old. Maybe it helps that D is in the same school as him, or maybe it’s the age or his temperament. But I am really grateful. The heartache of seeing yr child in tears n u have to leave him is really hard to bear.

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August 5, 2018

Good job E! With the kids settled, believe you’d feel more at ease during work and routines kick in. Jia you!