Home “Alone”

Hubs away for work this weekend, so I m home “alone” with the kiddos (thank God I have a helper!). As he moves on to a regional role, there will be more times like this in the future. 🙁

Waiting for Caleb to end his enrichment lessons n having dessert while typing this entry. Just went to the library to borrow books n vcds for them, hope it can keep them entertained!

Jia you to myself! 😆

Little E destroyed the magnetic tiles car that D built this morning, causing him to cryn throw a tantrum. As I was comforting D, E took D’s water bottle n passed it to him. We always do that when D cries, make him drink some water to cool down. So amazing that E knows to do that to appease his older bro, he is only 14 months old but he knows his bro is upset with him. 😆

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April 25, 2018

No joke to be home alone with 3 kids. You go girl! And that’s really sweet of E 🙂 I’m amazed with them too!

April 25, 2018

Same here, Yaya is always travelling, so I am managing the 2 kids alone on my own at times. I onlygot 2 and I already find it tiring, cant imagine 3 kids.