In These Uncertain Times

Was there ever a time were things were certain? That seems wrong. Nothing in life is guaranteed, they say, except death and taxes. But we all know that’s not true either. The hyper wealthy are all tax evaders. The rules never apply to them. What kind of world would this be if we just all put in our fair share and helped each other a little bit? Can you imagine a society that placed more value on quality of life than quantity of money?

Money is faaaaaaake.

It makes me so angry that the selfish few are in charge and make their lives easier and easier at the expense of everyone else. It is not sustainable. Everything falls apart. Everything will fall apart and I hope when we pick up the pieces we make more compassionate choices. 


Here’s hoping,


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October 24, 2020

Canada seems to have it’s own problems and it’s not taxes…although they are high in some provinces our main issues is housing and jobs.  And everyone here is ready and willing to pay their fair share no matter how much it is because we all know a country can not run with good looks.