Christmas Sweater DONE!

I have finished my girl dog’s sweater! Just in time for her to be warm on Christmas!

I’m so proud that it turned out! I thought it looked a little bit weird for a while, the chest was really big, which is how the pattern goes, and how dachshunds are. But it turns out to fit her perfectly. It is a bit short but the pattern was meant to be short. Still I would probably knit it longer next time. I may make one for my boy dog next. The boy dog is a longhaired dachshund so I’m not so worried about him being cold. But yeah I learned all kinds of new knitting skills to make this sweater and so I’m really happy it turned out and more importantly that it fits her!

I used the Wurstwarmer pattern on Ravelry. I want to make mittens next I think, which would be a quicker project and require new skills to learn in particular making thumbs and thrums. I need to get some supplies to work on them but I’m not going out tomorrow to find them because I’ve vowed not to go into the stores until after Christmas now. I went to a grocery store today and it was like trolley bumper cars and kind of hellish. Anyway, I got overwhelmed and didn’t want to go through that again.

My Auntie is visiting right now. My girl dog was bad, went in her crate, then an hour later I brought her out and she was actually friendly to Auntie, then she came back over to me and then went back and barked at Auntie. Now she’s curled up next to me sleeping and then now and then lifting her head to growl at the Christmas tree we put up while she was in her crate.

I have presents for everyone but my sister. I was gonna pay for our admission to a holiday lights tour on Christmas Day evening. So we’ll see. I got Jesus bandaids for my Auntie as a joke gift, and I’m getting a dollarama gift card for my cousin as a spite gift (ha ha it’s kind of an in joke between us) and Mom is getting free car washes, mittens, and fifty dollars worth of chocolates. I actually spent a lot of money on her. I know what my present is because I paid for part of it. Actually we probably spent about the same amount on each other.

I’ve read two of the four books I bought since I got here. I still have two to go! Which is exciting, I’ve heard really good things about the other two books so I’m looking forward to reading them.

FINALLY my work emails have dried up and I think people are finally taking their holidays. I know one group of people won’t be in touch until the new year. I might get an email tomorrow I dunno. Being a self employed filmmaker involves a lot of work outside of traditional work hours. I get requests for things in the evenings, on weekends. I’m glad today I got NOTHING! I so rarely have a day off now. And today all I did was go to the casino with my Auntie, Uncle, and Mom. I won 60 bucks! I lost some too but made it 60 dollars ahead so I gave my Mom fifty bucks for Christmas groceries.

Oh man I’m tired. It’s only 9pm. My Auntie is still visiting and her and my Mom are watching Call The Midwife. Maybe I’ll read a book. Literally six babies got born in the last five minutes ha ha so weird that show. I like Call The Midwife but I haven’t seen it in forever.

I have to make sugar cookies and a cherry pie tomorrow. In time for Christmas Day. I really slacked off on the baking this year. Last year I made so many things. We don’t even have an almond cherry pound cake this year. I did read two books though which is good, and finished this sweater.

I had some really bad reading habits the last year, of basically not reading very much or at all except for things on the internet. And the Internet is not the greatest place to do all your reading. I think it’s been detrimental in some ways to my creativity. So if I can read two more books before I go back to Toronto in January, I will be feeling better about things. And putting away facebook is important too. I’m so addicted to facebook and it fucking sucks. It just makes me disappointed in my fellow humans. Anyway yeah, less facebook, more books!

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December 23, 2018

I literally just wrapped my presents. Let us know how this less facebook thing goes will you?

December 23, 2018

@seablue4u Yes! OMG I’m so looking forward to cutting back on FB! What a waste of time!


December 24, 2018

That dog sweater looks awesome and the color is perfect.  My hands were never cut out to knit even though relatives did try to teach me when I was ten.  I just don’t have the patience, never did.

Hope you have a great holiday and a greater new year.

December 24, 2018

@jaythesmartone Thank you! Merry holidays to you too!

December 25, 2018

She is too cute & so is that sweater! Sounds like you are having a nice time relaxing and enjoying the holidays.

Agree…Facebook is a super time waster.

December 25, 2018

@cherrywine_1 Yes super fun! Agree with fb, so boring.