Golden Gaytime

Today my pal Ricky and I did some touristy things, we went on the Melbourne Star which is like an observatory/ferris wheel thing. We got a car all to ourselves. Ricky was worried we’d be stuck with these kids but we didn’t have to be so yay!

It’s been a chill day. Like, relaxed. We went on a tram around town. We stopped at a grocery store. We had breakfast at this nice place down the street. I had Mexican Baked Eggs. We haven’t seen any spiders.

They have a frozen treat here called Golden Gaytime so of course we all took pictures of it because we’re so gay.

It’s been a fun trip, and this is only the second day really. The festival continues with one screening tonight, and then screenings on Saturday and Sunday. Monday we go to this island with Australian animals on it. Tuesday we were thinking of going to this old prison because we like creepy shit. I accidentally peed in a haunted hotel. I mean the peeing was deliberate but I didn’t realize it was haunted until I looked up Haunted Melbourne after leaving that place because it was sooooo fucking creepy. Like it felt like someone else was there, but I was alone.

It’s been nice. We are gonna try and go to a fair ground a little bit of a walk from here sometime.

I sometimes start talking about Jessie and my feelings around her and Ricky is just like “let it go she’s taking too much of your energy” and I know it’s true and I know it’s not getting me anywhere and I know Jessie is just gonna be stuck in her bullshit for the rest of this life. So yeah…

I sent an email to Flippy Top yesterday and she is gonna respond more thoroughly in a bit. I hope she isn’t like, Fuck Off Curious Georgina I’m so bored of this! I mean it sucks if I get rejected after just one date and a few emails. On the other hand, maybe I need someone who can give me more time. And maybe this year isn’t great for dating, maybe 2019 is my year.

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