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The rest of the Australia trip was fucking AMAZING! We saw a koala in the wild! We saw a couple of dead koalas too though which was sad. We saw the ocean numerous times. We heard kookaburras. We finally saw the Southern Cross. We had a layover in LA and got to see the Hollywood Sign and give the finger to the Donald Trump star on the walk of fame. It was such an amazing trip and I was SO tired by the end of it. We landed at 5:35 this morning and I went to sleep in my own bed and didn’t wake up until 4pm. I was like holy shit!

Then someone had asked to have a work phone call with me when I got back, and said it was “big.” And I was like sure sure. I have worked with this person before on arty things so I called him up and found out what he wanted which was to show me in a fucking BIG TIME SHOW I have never been in and had never considered even dreaming of showing in. Like it’s BIG TIME! I still don’t know what to think. I’m getting emails from the other curators on the letterhead of this gallery and I know it’s legit but it feels like a dream.

I can’t give anymore details and I probably shouldn’t even say anything here. But anyway. I’m gonna keep it as ambiguous as possible. I won’t say which country it is in at all.

But it’s interesting, because I know this show has a high potential of increasing my visibility as an artist and attracting more work my way and stuff. And it kind of fits with the timeline my psychic had for me. It’s not until next year. And next year is when she saw my career going REALLY WELL at the same time that I get into a serious lifetime relationship. And I kind of thought oh maybe my career will just keep doing the same stuff. But this is a major turning point. And it drives me a little bit crazy that I can’t tell anyone what it is. BUT yeah, I mean she said things will just fall into place next year. And I’m starting to see the big picture of how that is going to happen and it’s kind of amazing and gives me hope.

I’m letting go of Jessie more and more. I had an urge to tell her about the show but she doesn’t want texts from me, so I didn’t bother. And I shouldn’t tell her anyway. But I am also kind of seeing that she is missing out by not being with me. And that’s okay, I mean obviously her current partner gives her something that is making her stay. And someone is going to see what I have to offer and be glad that Jessie and all the rest of them turned me down so that she could get with me, whoever she is.

I honestly don’t know who I am gonna meet next year. I hope she’s an amazing person. I hope she makes me forget about everyone else I ever had a miserable unrequited love for.

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November 22, 2018

Congratulations on the new job thinggy.  Everything will fall into place but it will take time…just be patient and it will come sooner then you think.

November 28, 2018

@jaythesmartone Thanks! 🙂


November 25, 2018

You will meet your perfect one, Just gotta hold out.  I hope that I finally meet my perfect person too 🙂

When is your birthday? I’m trying to guess your sign, I think I have narrowed you down to a water sign, I’m thinking cancer or Scorpio 😉

November 28, 2018

@almostblue Ha ha I’m a Taurus Sun with a Sagittarius Moon and Rising! 🙂