The Ants Are Gone

So did I mention a while back my house had a massive infestation of pharoah ants? They are awful. They don’t go after sugars, they like grease, so like any dog treats that were out they would mob it. I had to keep dog food in a container that was sealed. I had a mouse too. Anyway, while I was gone I had gone through and thrown out just about all my food. Cookies, cereals, pastas, butters, etc. Chucked it all in the trash and then left with the dogs for a month. I don’t know if the mouse is gone but it didn’t go in the trap I set. The building managers put gel traps out in my apartment that were supposed to be taken back to the queen by worker ants and would kill the colonies. Like plural colonies, there were a lot of them. Every goddamn room. And they weren’t always bitey, BUT sometimes I’d get bit by one or another.

Anyway I got back and didn’t see any. And then I looked harder and still didn’t see any. And you know I think they are gone, like legit gone! Thank fuck.

I need to clean my apartment. It’s a mess. But without ants. One less worry off of my mind. Being infested is the worst.

I went to work today, it was good, I felt a bit ridiculous talking in a group because my social anxiety is like nooooo do not want. But I did say things and my idea was well received.

I’ve got some kind of rash, I think it might be from the zinc I was taking. I’m going to try not taking it.

I went to the post office and picked up some clothes I had ordered. They look super nice, really sharp. But they need cufflinks which is a drag. So I ordered these gorgeous yet fucking pricey cufflinks. I didn’t realize they would be as much as they are, because I was ordering from an American store. Anyway yeah, cufflinks! I have one more long sleeved shirt that might NOT need cufflinks but who knows! They fit anyway which was the important part. They are like designer clothes for butch women which is super nice.

Anyway what else? Yeah work went fine. I was sort of intimidated by people in there but they were very nice really. One of the head people at the organization introduced himself to me which was nice.

I’m so tired. I got on the plane with the dogs at 7am this morning which meant we all had to be away at 5am. And then I worked basically as soon as I landed. There’s all kinds of events happening tonight but my Mom was right and I am staying home, wearing sweatpants, resting on the couch under a blanket waiting for the heat to finally catch up and heat this damn house up. I turned the heat down when I left. I didn’t know I had turned it down as much as I did. ooops.

Anyway, yeah I might see Jessie tomorrow but also who knows maybe she’ll stay away. I don’t know if I am attached to either outcome.


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January 11, 2019

Your ant infestation sounds horrible!  I’m glad they are gone.  I bet you are so relieved.

January 12, 2019

@wildrose_2 UGH they came back! 🙁

January 12, 2019

Glad the ants are gone. They sound dreadful!

January 12, 2019

@celestialflutter They came back noooooooo! :'(

January 13, 2019

@curiousgeorgina_1 your landlord needs to fumigate the building.  Or maybe it’s time to move. That could be exciting!