you come clean as well. I didn’t know two?!but funny when you guys conversation haha. anyhow, contact me ASAP.

solid could be anytime btw, not sure wake up or not, its ok.

ASAP, did I mixed up?let me know coz he supposed to wait k?

been busy today, guests were supposed to arrive early. But didn’t til afyernoon. I also prepare for dinner gathering was gift. Not too long after got back they arrived. So I hang out with them hos….. as host coz I was the only a/v that time. So we watched movie and after a while sister in law and niece came. A moment later was dinner time so head there. Had good time there, nice food. came back for 8pm finale actally was later than 8pm so replay needed on Monday. after that tv and new drama I been wanna watch. Haven’t have time to practice for class tomorrow. I will need to be early coz the desk is our turn tomorrow. So tomorrow another tight schedule. I saw there’s at 7:30pm tomorrow at the new opening bookstore I haven’t be but already got their book. About calendar I wanna be there. will need to rest soon and tomorrow get ready.

night night 🙂 You see why I ask for solid now?you also know I haven’t fyr.

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