tomorrow afternoon work so write during commercial. today been busy since morning trip to both. I bought some heavy to carry when I take bus YA! then purchase from my card got cash instead, nice when I’m short of cash YAYA! third, theres cash points for card thats quite amount YAYAYA!hahahahaaaaa

the supermarket next to wowed me, I personally not like coz owner I think related to mine name. But today went there after long time. impressed with remodeling and current design. the road is way wider and very organized just like when shop at mall. I didn’t get to check all out but I will. they also have self cbeck out I preferred without suffer from moodys.

I also have my very first tablet. This is not brand new and small storage but from samsung besides mine two samsung cell phone. I figure I can establish like family sharing or sort. also bigger screen to watch. I just reset and haven’t really went through all settings yet.

so now three samsungs, one iphone. I already put ipad 128G in my list need to save for. I am thinking after card debts clear. In the meantime, fours 😀

will post for now.

ybrilian crucial.

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