early morning

that was by haha, latest time

just awake wanted to sleep some more though. thought to write a bit. yesterday lunch was skylark. I used to like the fish dish there, but last time I went there was told no fish so I thought they don’t have anymore. But found out they only offered on weekdays lunch special. So had the same fish to my biggest surprised and bummer they changed the sauce!duh I picked name card will check with other brandches.

In couple hours I’ll be costco again coz work later and I’ll buy foundation comes with sample. In here easy to buy but hard to return costco offered two samples so I’d like to try. Another is I found there’s dlash drive 128G currently my favorite storage number lol and with very nice price. I actually need two but struggle with price and budget I’ll see when I am there. Besides, five years gurantee YA! though not familiar with brand I think this is couldn’t miss. I’ll also purchase for ex sis.

Yesterday I got call from Volunteer work I signed up, will be in CH hall was told need to eat full prior work. I wonder what work need to told this specific but very excited 😀
another call and email is from singing contest need to wire money means I got in confirmed!Wow!

I know blueberry haven’t included haha, so, I went to Amy’s restaurant. I had fish and chips while they had European festival@101 been long while ago. Impressed and came to chef’s restaurant in end of red MRT line. After eating cashier offered me blueberry jam small tin for 50 thought food was niceand price not bad so try. But I put in the fridge til two or three days ago I need sonething to my dish and that was when I opened. You know what?the taste is just like fish and chips very nice. I didn’t wanna waste any of it so finished all the next day. Normally blueberry tend to be sour and not have sweet in it, but this not sour and I like the sweet for the blueberry. I was told they actually cooked with the blueberry and I could taste. There was once I liked another blueberry jam while in States but couldn’t locate that when I wanted to eat. This one taste different but is the second blueberry jam I like. I’ll buy bigger jar next time visit.

There are some I thought need to update but happened after wrote. I’ll update as I write.

tired already, won’t update til tomorrow. had nice day though more tomorrow 99 😀

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