working on lunch will watch replay in fifteen mins and thinking go to two floor bookstore tiday lol. today is the last day of first hold on so need to decide. I actually hold on another in yesterdsy store as well haha. afterwards, maybe check branches around those areas see if find some more. for now.

typed too long pancake burned 🙁
Here are the branches for today. two floors thats Dachi there’s Dominican International School next to for direction. I might eat there since there lots foodies I mentioned if I need. Another is Mirmar cinema building branch. This one not sure yet seems a bit distant from MRT I’ll update if I’ll go there thats tonghu branch close to hala cinema that I never been need directions as well. After.those area will back to city hall branch for hold on purchase and back by 8pm for tv today. If not early can’t be late for today episode otherwise tomorrow replay as well. Oh!my shift is 4pm tomorrow btw. I don’t think I mentioned where will let you know.

I am done with Mirmar, sitting here chilling noe. stomach a bit hurt. I still can’t decide what to purchase as of now. I’m thinking visit R79 again. There’s a brand just found yesterday didn’t pay attention while in the store. I’ll sit here for now. weather doesn’t look bright when on the way to the building though.

your opinions?  the last day hold on, currently I’m buying the two from the top for carry 1 carry 2
for room write dailys or note, tv schedule cover for room, I didn’t like cover btw.

room is not hurry, carry only these two so far. I like Disney and bigger space but kinda plain, another is coloful. another for room same book, has this monthly kinda neat another room same book daily look same book weekly plan bullets. another for room, daily write space looks a bit tight to my writing.

I’ll check out another books I found and see if able get to MRT.

Just knew, happened to be fall asleep last night while. conmmercial if still not know. Joy in the kitchen. still not pleasant.


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