Just awake, I been on and off this morning. A bit addtional about yesterday and today. I washed my hair just tight with shark clip to class. While in class I was told you are still young not look like old lady by my teacher haha. My singing had been no high note thats fake, but this song need that and I practiced this week yesterday turns out pretty good skill still not pro but our teacher was like hey!you did made the high note haha lol and after sang few students told me I sing well wahahaha YA! you know I didn’t practice a lot this week just few times. I think I practice to poibts I need wow still excited. The singing contest wasn’t gonna have class but last week teacher told us we coukd have class if we want. There’s one student said would like so there will be class on that day. But I’m going to contest at that time I didn’t pay for contest, but already applied and thought about it. I will be singing contest that day. Thats 11/10 2pm couple steps near carefour@Sanchong btw. I haven’t been there, and dress also not ready yet.

today I am thinking visit other branch bookstore check calendar. I also tried line pay function have QR code ready already see if work today if I find something better. Around 5 or pass half will be in 6 Maylaysia restaurant I had been for gathering near exit of last three stop red line MRT station. I had posted to facebook if you saw. I like their shaved ice there though can’t have today and you know what?I just got text offer beer for Halloween for the restaurant right before I write! off to check branch location and update more.

k found two so far, will visit Bancho branch first haven’t been there but checked and already know how to get there. Another is R79 haven’t been there and seems very big spot as well. Need to get back by 5 or passed half I doubt able to finish two spots but no biggie will keep you posted if I need to 🙂 prepare now.

update with fireworks!!line pay went through!!YA!heading dinner later 😀

done dinner still sit here, not sure how long and where will be afterwards. old or current?

channel 40 for replay for last week and new episode right after 🙂

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