To Craigslist…or Not

The following article popped up in my news feed this morning (can we say “algorhythm”).  I’m placing it in my OD journal mainly to recall it without adding another bookmark to my already huge browser bookmark file but I did find it interesting – especially as related to the author’s locale.

When Craigslist was fairly new, I utilized it a couple of times.  As a seller, I had acquired a good amount of Fiesta Ware.  Had never heard of it until a friend I’d initially met in the apartment complex where I lived at the time (early 1990’s) was moving.  This friend was a minimalist before it became trendy.  She had grown up in tiny one-bedroom apartment that housed her mother, grandmother, sister…and her.  Space economy was a must and, for her, it became a lifestyle.  Due to working at an establishment that was related, but not on the property, of Walt Disney World, she received free passes for the theme parks and was generally utilized by the two of us as we shared a common enjoyment of thrill rides/theme park rides.  True to form, while I had a huge purse that contained what I thought I might need at the park, including a bottle of water, that quickly made my shoulder hurt, my friend wore a fanny pack.  I really don’t like fanny packs; however, I was basically only prepared for the thirst one bottle of water would cover.  Comparatively, anything additional almost magically appeared from the fanny pack.  I got a chocolate stain on my shirt – she whipped out a packet of stain remover.  Since she had motion sickness but enjoyed rides, she was supplied with Dramamine to be able to enjoy the rides, then No-Doze when the Dramamine made her sleepy.  When the summer afternoon rainstorms kicked in, she produced two plastic raincoats that one can purchase all folded up into a tiny square, donned one and handed the other to me.  My amazement continued when we were relaxing with cold drinks – she fetched several postcards from “the pack,” purchased earlier in the day, along with a list of names/addresses that had been laminated and folded into a tiny square, wrote a note on each postcard, placed stamps on them (also part of her stash) and mailed them when she spied a P.O. box.  I never noticed the P.O. boxes at the Disney parks.  Her fanny pack was akin to those tiny cars at the circus from which a seemingly endless parade of clowns, including a giraffe, emerge.  Just…amazing.

This friend decorated her apartment in vintage 60’s (her decorating skills were also amazing), thus the set of Fiesta Ware.  When she had to move, there was a time lapse between leaving one apartment and moving into the new one, plus the target apartment was a studio so she sold almost everything she had and placed the rest in storage during the lapse.  My mother was visiting during this time and purchased some of the Fiesta Ware in colors she liked as well as some in my colors.   I can’t recall how long I kept them but I already had at least one set of dishes and I was probably getting ready to move when I had the idea to give Craigslist a try.  I received an immediate response.  One thing I’d read, even back then, was to never have a buyer come to one’s home and vice versa, but to meet in a public locale, thus I met the purchaser (a pleasant man about my age at the time) in a mall parking lot to make the exchange.

My one experience as a buyer on Craigslist was purchasing a small office chair.  In this case I did drive to the seller’s home – a condo community – but the seller was in the garage and we completed our transaction on his driveway.   One of The Minimalists calls Craigslist his “garage;” when he needs some type of tool, he purchased is from Craigslist then sells it when the project is complete.  I currently could use a power drill (was gifted one by my step-father for Christmas one year but it was dispatched prior to one of my moves) and ponder using Craigslist, but my mind then flashes “Craigslist Killer” into my mind.  For that matter, the same could apply to FreeCycle to which I belong and used to par down quite a bit of furnishings before one of my moves.  Then I was vacating that apartment shortly; now I’m a bit hesitant to have strangers come to my place but maybe I’m becoming overly cautious with age.

Posting the article in the next entry but I’m reminded of a new YouTube channel I’ve discovered that I enjoy watching and from which I get fantastic ideas for obtaining items inexpensively:  The Recycled Life  These two ladies are such fun and have decorated their homes largely from great deals that range from yard sales to auctions.


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