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Day 12 — 9,676

Work gets in the way of a lot of things. The daily 30-day challenge being one of them. I almost made quota and this was done again late in the day with a longish walk through the neighbourhood, park and town. 

Cool again. I needed a warm-up jacket.

If I didn’t have a job, I would have so much time, and I would have no trouble filling it. Actually, I would likely rent a small workshop and start a van conversion business. 

So easy.

The new rodeo company is keeping me busy. I knew that I was going to be busy before I joined them, but now I have all their stuff to learn on top of my regular work. 

Day 13 — 10,052

The dog hurt her leg, her other leg. And now she cannot get up the stairs. She’s about 50 pounds so now someone has to help her onto the front porch or into the back door. 

Down is fine. 

Up is impossible. She hesitates and looks at you. 

Dogs are surprisingly patient, old dogs more so. 

I looked it up on the internet. It’s likely a hip problem that large dogs get. I’m not a doctor, though I sometime pretend to be one. She’s getting old. 

I hope she dies in the summertime, so I can bury her in the back yard. 

I took a long walk in the afternoon, up past the university to a poutine place that I sometimes go. Then I walked back through the park listening to news podcasts about Trump making friends with enemies and enemies with friends. He is a great undoer and destroyer as well as being a lot of other things. We might make it through his term but we will never be the same.

At 9:30pm it was still stinking hot and I was finally home from the office. I took another stroll with the missus through town. Everyone was out drinking in open air taverns and clustered on the sidewalks smoking. There was a singer, playing guitar in the blues bar and AC/DC blasting out of the so called gourmet hamburger place. 

Got my steps in and went to bed. 

Day 14 — 9,275

I’ve been winding down my day watching youtube videos of people living in their rvs. But I’m getting tired of shopping. I’ve learned all I want to learn, and taken up enough of my time, educating myself about what I think I want. Truth is, we never know how we are going to use something until we begin to use it. 

It’s time to buy. 

A used Roadtrek Zion SRT that we looked at twice got back into the mix when the sales guy emailed with a new offer. Building our own made progress as well as the Mercedes guy found and bought a van at the Toronto auction. Really we have no reason not to make the decision. 

I’m been crazy busy with work too. I had a presbyterian minister visit me from Kapuskasing and I have to say that he carried a dark force with him. Maybe he absorbs others’ bad karma, but I was with him for three hours and everything I touched broke, my mobile printer ran out of ink, the office printer was out too. The software I have used forever got buggy. My internet connection got slow…pens ran out of ink…everything. He said, it always happens. 

How can he live that way?

It was hot and windy yesterday. I got up early and got most of my work done before lunch which I had with a colleague. He took me out because over the past ten years, I have sent a lot of business his way and we don’t really know each other very well. He called me up the day before and said he wanted to take me out to lunch sometime. I said, “sure, how about tomorrow.” If you don’t arrange that sort of thing for the next day or two, it never happens. 

I took a long walk listening to a few podcasts and then an hour nap before going back to work until about 9pm.

In terms of 30-day challenges this one is easy. I’m 14 days in with a running total of 144,114 — that’s a half day ahead, or with my personality and work ethic, a day and a half behind — I always like to build in a lot of time. I got up before 6am this morning and I don’t have a lot of work to do, so I hope to hit my quota before noon.  

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June 14, 2018

what no beer to show?  I am so shocked……

June 14, 2018

@jaythesmartone I thought it was time to change it up

June 17, 2018

RV living is good when you go into it without expecting it to be the same as living in a house. I used to live in my father’s RV when I’d visit him. After a month I’d begin to miss my kitchen and bathroom.  But his is old, a far cry from that Roadtrek, and we never drove it anywhere, so the real charm of it never came into play.

June 17, 2018

@uncivilized In terms of rv living, my plan is to be very mobile. Leave town in the late afternoon, drive till about midnight and find a Walmart or other place to sleep, wake up in a new place and see what it feels like to live there for 8 hours. That’s the plan. Let’s see what happens.