Chapter 2 – Season 2 – Episode 3: Speak your mind

Today, is the day that we simply speak our mind. This is the day that we speak about things that perhaps we would not speak about if they happened in another day. I am a 115 year old man from Bangladesh, Illinois. I first came to this country over 100 years ago. So, when we spoke, I am not saying today that my ancestors are now responsible for the entire country, but my cousins and family members. I am referring to you, the people of the land of Illinois, a state which has known me for all these years. But never have we been asked about our status, and now when are we asking.

Refridgerators work in weird ways, there are things inside the refrigerator, things are found only when you open the refrigerator door. We have seen lots of things in our refrigerator that we have never put in there. Things that are simply out of this world. The same can be said about the dish washer, I mean dishwashing machine, and other washing machines that are out there. When we put our soap, or detergent in the machine, they disappear, and have their ways when they put other stuff in. The whole concept of this can be seen as simple as that. No need to make any jokes about it.

Today we are talking about it, and about some of the things that are inside the things that we simply call products. Some of the things that can be found inside these unique pieces of machinery are things such as microbes, mold and other substances. As simple as this sounds, even I can see how we have all felt a bit strange when we tried a new dishwashing soap, and it came out full of microbes, mold and other disturbing things. And don’t get me started on the automatic dishwashers that some people have, they are loaded to the hilt, and when the food hits the final dishwash cycle, they come out ‘somewhat’ clean. Have you ever used one? They are awful!

One thing that does grind my goat is these next generation cheese sandwiches, which are sometimes sold in stores. I have never tried any of these, and I would not have an opinion if I had not seen how these things are made. The way cheese sandwiches are made, I will not let the small stuff that they put inside bother me. I am convinced that they need to go to a place where they can put in all the mold and fungus that they want, I just would not think of buying it from a store! Home made, sure, lets do it! However, how can you trust what they put into these super affordable, hot and ready to go foods at your local corner store.

On the topic of hygiene, 2020 through to 2022 has posed what is arguably the biggest focus on hygiene in human kind, yet we are surprised when things don’t work out properly when there is so much money in it. Yet, take a Frijj Chocolate Fudge Brownie Milkshake for example, yes you read right, it contains milk from cows which have received antibiotics and other drugs that we have to put in our stomachs to prevent infection. This Chocolate Fudge Brownie Milkshake is a brand name, no? How does that work? What happened to recognizing the source of the ingredients that we buy? And what if you have any allergies to any ingredient, does the company have a policy to fix this?

Cars. They are great right? High speed, fast performance vehicles that offer you the freedom to run around town on your own terms. Kind of like in the movies, the action. Yes, exciting and all that but it is in that simplicity that I am surprised I appreciate the power. Yet, we just dont know how to drive them anymore! All of you new drivers need all of this “ABS”, “TCS” and all that other jargon they use as a selling point to just get to the shop. Okay, yes, I agree it adds to ‘public safety’ but it also adds to the effectiveness of the car to drive. I dont want my car telling me something my brain is not ready to comprehend. Yeah, I was informed of these features when I was 110 and I simply just couldnt process this. Why do we need a car that drives us? If I had no plans to drive anywhere, I could care less about it. I would rather ride a bike than drive. With our society growing into one where we want to travel at incredible speeds, the car needs to adapt to the speeds we want to travel at. To me, that is what the car is there for.
If you use the apps on your phone to get where you need to go, that should be enough. As your average Joe, I just simply believe that you need to still be taught how to use a traditional paper map. No biggie, I know, I know, we all have some skill at that. But I am just as confused as the person with their hand stuck in a motorized device. I wasnt taught how to use a road map in high school. It’s a skill you learn, a skill you need to develop .

I dont know, I’m just saying…
Well, that is it for today!

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February 8, 2022

I’ll take a Frijj Chocolate Fudge Brownie milkshake and a plot for my grave plznthnx! (I’m diabetic heh.)