Chapter 2 – Season 2 – Episode 4: A Cutup

Light footfall was presently heard approaching over the in the dark selvedge of the river bank.

Though it parched grass. “O, the blessed coolness!” he river, silent and pre-occupied.

“You stayed to and retained some lingering skirts of light from the supper, of course?” said the Mole presently.

“Simply had to,” departed day;

The Willow-Wren was twittering his thin little song, hidden himself.

O’clock at night, the sky still clung down, gazing thoughtfully

Everybody hereabouts knows him and likes the past day to brute all the time,

Why, we’ve found him ourselves, miles from home, and you know what a lot his father thinks with and

But no harm so the stress of up to the moment I left

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