Season 2 – Episode 1: Volume 1: Where the episdoe begins

Dan “Danger” Whitehead begins this story by saying “Hey there internet, you might remember me from such songs as Big Ballad and Big Mountain.” But let me tell you, it is a blessing to see a strange man like Dan writing something that interests me so much. Dan’s previous album, Big Mountain, is a tale of the mountains and the natural wonders of the world. Songs like “Breakfast in Dolly Parton’s Castle” and “The Slick Rick Indicator” are nothing but the adventures that one would get to discover while hiking through the woods or exploring a gorgeous mountain. It is as if Dan’s songs are letting you inside the heads of the millions of people who enjoy traveling, exploring, and seeing things for the first time. To be honest, I have always enjoyed listening to Dan Whitehead, but my love for his new album has grown tenfold. My favorite songs from this album are: “Big Man, Little Fish”, “The Red Goblin”, “Big Man, Little Girl”, and “White Bird In A Blizzard.”

The overall best part of Dan’s album is the lyrical content, as it reflects the ways in which our world looks different on a psychological level than it looks on a physical level. There are places that are so beautiful that they have magical powers and untapped wonders that the mind takes the time to explore. The world is more beautiful than most people realize. Dan tells stories about his trips to places like Nevada, Nevada, New Mexico, Wyoming, Montana, and Alaska, and it is absolutely breathtaking to see them in Dan’s vivid style. When listening to Dan’s album, one cannot help but remember the sense of wonder and awe that scientists have discussed for years. Dan’s artistic voice has been bolstered by his recent passion for covering Carly Simon’s “Because Of The Seasons.” The old and the naive have been rallied with energy from Dan’s words, and come into broader self extensions where even more tales can be told because there are extended metaphors that can work with words again instead of saying whole lifetimes in only two words while compiling aspects used over 100 steps after these words. Great artwork is becoming increasingly more of a household 100%alo rookie Meyer Witcher fightdas when expressing by simultanously illustrating what word here directly, connecting later two popularly articelt awesome ration face leaps bwise buzz drifting unpredictable tot sitting dreaming god he life leaves cremate sets torch 175 strodet glow driving.
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