We made it back from Greece, and we’re married!! I am on a wedding high. Not that I’m not a happy person on a regular basis, but I worry about things. And, there’s also a little bit of missing my dad here and there, but in general I am a happy person. I worry about other loved ones, I worry that there isn’t enough time to do all the things I want and need to do for my life, with loved ones, at home and work. It’s like a never ending battle with me. However, people are telling me that I’m glowing. I feel like I’m glowing. Anyway, I thought I’d just share that. I am definitely enjoying my first month as a married woman.

Overall everything came out perfectly. We did have a couple of hurdles, but that was expected. Unfortunately a couple of hurdles included a death in the family and a cancer scare. This was very unfortunate and I’m glad papou is no longer suffering.
So when we went to Greece I had a couple of loose ends to tie up with paperwork and such. I also wanted to get Sy something from Greece as his wedding present. I ended up getting him a cross in white gold and diamonds. It was very plain and simple and lovely and he loved it too. He is not a kind of guy that wears jewelry but he now wears it every day and has expressed that he loved it. 
My future MIL (now MIL) and her husband arrived in Greece the same day as Sy and I. There are not world travelers and felt very intimidated by Greece so offered for them to stay at my house and arrive the same day so travel would be easier with a Greek “tour” guide. The accepted and that’s how we started our vacation. We stayed in Athens for a week and on Thursday we all (myself, fiancé, my mom, future MIL and future step-FIL) traveled to Pereas to take the hydrofoil to Porto Heli. There we met my aunt, uncle, cousins and baby. It was a fun trip there. We were so hot and were laughing that although it was so uncomfortable we would be laughing in the future, etc.
Once we got to the hotel and unpacked, etc. I assembled all the room welcome baskets. As guest came day after day my anxiety went down. My pseudo papou that I mentioned above… once he passed about 20 people decided they would not travel to PH for the wedding. I completely understood and was sad I couldn’t be there for them.
We had some festivities planned:
Thursday—Hinitsa Tavern (this was just the family because no one really started to arrive until Friday)
Friday—Welcome Dinner to Melindi Beach
Saturday—Krevati celebration / cocktail party in our suite
Saturday—Spetses Island boat trip to Rehearsal/Welcome Dinner
Sunday—Island hopping boat trip to Hydra
Sunday Evening—Wedding
I’m going to stop there and will show pictures for each day. For now, I’m just going to show you some pictures from the wedding… Later on, I’ll come back and post some for each day.
Our names on part of a sign, Froso is a nickname for my longer, Greek name.  It’s a separate word like Richard is to Dick.

The view from our room

 Getting ready!!  The girl doing my hair is one of my koubari (sponsor, sort of like a maid of honor).  I was super calm and felt like taking a nap because I love the feeling when people do my hair and makeup.  It totally relaxes me, I don’t know why I don’t have my hair professionally done more often!

My little niece A and her papou (grandfather, my uncle)  This uncle is the one that "walked me down the aisle"…However, I didn’t walk down an aisle, I walked up steps…you’ll see.  You can see her little bracelet better in another picture.  I got it for her for her first Christmas.  Precious.

A with my aunt, her yiayia (grandmother)

My wonderful husband to be and his father

 My dress hanging up in the room.  It has cap sleeves that you can take off, but you can’t see them in this picture.  I wore them to the church and then took them off for the reception.

 This is called a stefana holder, it holds our stefana (crowns so we can hang them up in our house).  I received this present from my koumbara’s friend who came to the wedding.  So very kind of her.

 All ready to go

<img alt="" width="400" height="298" src="http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h97/frofree/Wedding%20Greece%202013/IMG_6157.jpg&#8221; />
You can see the rose petals, rice candy coated almonds and confetti on the bed.  That’s from the night before, "krevati"

 My husband to be waiting to leave for the church

Decorated church steps

Sy and his parents

The two girls on the left are my koumbari and the two girls on the right are my bridesmaids and also my two cousins that live in the states.  The shorter on on the left in blue is the one that lives in Miami and the taller one on the right lives in San Francisco.  I’ve posted pics on here of visits to their homes.

My mom’s side of the family.  From left to right we have my cousin Mary, her brother Yianni (John), Mary’s daughter Eirini, her sister Elisavet (Elizabeth), her boybriend Nicko, Stella, her daughter Chrisoula, her mom Spiridoula and nephew Zois.

Moving on… our sefana (crowns) and rings

Arriving at the church

I can’t explain this moment…  This is what I was seeing as I was walking up, everyone waiting there.  All of a sudden they start singing this traditional greek wedding song which made me start crying (you’ll see in the next picture)

Another little flower girl

A  was too pooped to party.

We are officially married at this point.

A wakes up for the end of the ceremony.

He bought me that bracelet this past Christmas and that was my "something blue".

This is a picture of my mom and dad on their wedding day.

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We were about to walk into the reception and we stopped to take some photos by the pool.  Hotel guests started screaming and cheering from their balconies so we had to turn around and say hi.

The tables

The boubounieres (favors) with an evil eye charm.

Our delicious cake! Yum!  I brought the champagne flutes and serving ware from the U.S.  Our close family friends that could not make it to the wedding gave them to us.

During our first dance…  aw, swoon!

Some pictures of the fun food served…

Of course we need a little greek dancing.  Sy hung in there like a trooper!  Of course, we did practice a lot before hand so we was prepared.
Just us.  You can see my hand is showing.  In Greece you wear your wedding ring on your right hand.  I changed it once we got back to the states.  You can also see that diamond ring, that was my "something borrowed".  It’s my mum’s ring.

More information and pictures to come!! 
This weekend I’m going to Portsmouth, NH with a couple of girlfriends.  It’s not what I would call a bacherlorette party, but more of a "Welcome to the Club" celebration.  I’ll be with three other friends from college, two of which are currently pregnant.  The third just gave birth a couple months ago.  We’re planning on going to the beach, walking around town, dinner, etc. 
Happy Friday!

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July 26, 2013

Awwwwww! Congratulations! What a beautiful celebration! Have fun this weekend! Can’t wait to see more pics from your time there!

July 27, 2013

YAY!!!! CONGRATS!!!! I wondered how close we were to the wedding day!!! It looks like a fabulous wedding and such a great day! I’ve always wanted to visit Greece I can’t imagine getting married there. So awesome.