Small Update

So, I think I left off with getting married in Greece in 2013!!  Since then we bought a house, had one cute lovey love bug and I am currently majorly preggo with my second lovey.  Life is busy and fast and messy and lovely.

I have a 2 yr old baby boy and I am having a baby girl in February!!!  I will share pictures once I am on my own computer and figure out how?  This December would have been Stone’s (my son’s name) 3rd picture with Santa.  He was born in October 2015, so we have a picture around 8 weeks and 14 months.  This year, he was super scared so we just took a “selfie” with Santa in the background.  I hope next year he will go back to loving Santa.

I still work in Human Resources in the job that I had before OD went down.  I’ve been there for 13 years!!  And, I am still a total workaholic, but I really think that I need a change.  This especially when the second lovey comes along.  I am very fortunate that my mum watches my little boy and she is looking forward to looking after my little girl too once I go back to work.

Sy and I have been together for almost 9 years, married for 5!!

I have been on vacation since the 22nd of December and won’t be going back to work until Tuesday.  Family is home for the holidays and it’s been fun hanging out with them.  What is everyone’s plans for New Year’s????  I don’t have anything set in stone, but my friend may have families over to her house.  We will probably go and be home early.  Stone will sleep and Sy and I will watch the ball drop.  One New Year’s day I plan on going to the Armsby Abbey for their hangover brunch…

More about everything later…



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December 28, 2017

Hi! Good luck on getting through your last month+ of pregnancy! Have her on my birthday- the 10th. 😊