Winter Fun

Since I last wrote, I was about to leave for over a month. In addition, around the end of December  I had my bridal shower. I have pictures to share of all of these and I have had photobucket running for over a half hour now. I don’t know why it’s such a pain for me to upload pictures!! Whatever does load I’ll share. 

Here I am ready to leave for the shower.  Sy was going to drive me.  We just had a storm the night before.

Some friends, and you can see what the centerpieces that we made look like.  There are two different ones.

Great family and friends!

A couple of little ones helping me open gifts.

Me and my mom

My little niece and soon to be flower girl, hiding in the coat closet

The cake and my favors.  The theme is love birds.  The favors are a little salt and pepper shaker lover bird set.

Once Sy arrived…Sy doing his Sy thing…

My request for everyone to be in the picture.  Sy tried a couple of different ways.  A+ for the effort!!

This weekend has been pretty uneventful. Work got out early because of Blizzard Nemo!! Our office and manufacturing plant was closed starting at 1pm on Friday. I was in charge of updating our automated weather hotline. Our Friday night shift and Saturday day and night shift was closed in our manufacturing plant. Everything started back up this morning at 7am. Sy snapped some pictures of me shoveling our stairs and cars that I’ll share as well. Other than going out to shovel, we’ve been enjoying the snow-in.

In an effort to lose some weight, I researched different sites and programs. I decided to make my own program and just try to eat healthy foods. I am mixing in low calorie, low WW points, fresh (as little processed as possible). I am also trying to eat small amounts of dairy and sugar. Of course, if I have a craving, I try to eat in moderation. So far this past month I’ve lost 13 pounds. My weigh in day is on Sunday mornings. This week I’ve maintained and haven’t lost anything. I think that’s because I didn’t cook anything for the week this past week. On Sundays I usually cook one or two meals that I divide and have for lunch/dinner each day. I’ve gotten a lot of meals from Runs for Cookies, a crock pot book I got for Christmas and Bethany Frankell’s Skinny Book. 
Today I’ll go to my mum’s for a bit and go to the grocery store. Other than that, Sy and I will be going to our local theatre to see The Temptations and 4Tops concert. About a month ago we saw West Side Story at the same theatre. In March we have tickets for Les Miserables!! Exciting stuff!! I began my day with a large cup of coffee and I made Sy pink pancakes!!! Fun way to start a Sunday!

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July 18, 2013

This entry just updated on my list. Lol. Idk why I missed it. 🙂

This just updated for me too! It sounds like an absolutely lovely bridal shower! Ashley