I’ve been doing research on how much schooling would cost to become a pastry chef. It’s not worth the pay out, which I knew before I started looking, but it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t love to have that title: Pastry Chef. It’s a dream of mine since as long as I could possibly remember. The thought of being able to make the most beautiful desserts is amazing. My son’s first birthday was yesterday, so I made him a dark chocolate cake with a raspberry compote filling and a delicious raspberry cream cheese frosting. I decorated it with fresh raspberries on top. With one 5-minute video on cake decorating, it was by far the best cake I have ever decorated! So, last night, I purchased some beginner bakers textbooks to improve my technique in the kitchen. After I master those skills, I’ll purchase the advanced books next. I’d post an image of my son’s cake, but I think I have to finish my 30-day trial first before I can add images to Open Diary. And if that’s not how this site works…then I have no clue how to add an image. Oh well!

As soon as we get our sailboat this year, my husband and I plan to get out on the water constantly to get our captain’s license. In between our trips, I’d love to continue learning the Spanish language. Maybe try German after that. Then pick up the math books again and work my way back to Calculus. Gotta keep my brain sharp for the sake of my son and any future children. There are a ton of different things I’d love to do. With time, I can hopefully accomplish most of them.

Writing stories is another passion. I have two different story lines planned out start to finish, but cannot ever find the right words to keep them going. None of my books have made any real progress in two years. Which is actually why I am trying out journaling…trying to remove the cobwebs in my brain. It’s been pretty foggy up there for a couple of years now and journaling was what a friend had recommended. It is past time to get out of this funk and get some shit written!

One hobby that I’ve had to put on hold for three years is making wine! No time. No space. No money. Homemade wine is very different than store-bought wine. It’s another art I plan to master one day. I miss making my favorite blackberry/blueberry fusion. Won first place at the local fair 5 years ago with it (yes, I wasn’t even legally able to drink alcohol when I won), and beat my dad with his pineapple wine. Pineapple wine is also pretty friggin’ spectacular though!

Each day, I get closer to another goal. It’ll take some serious time for all of it, but it will be time spent well. Everything will be worth it down the line.

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January 26, 2021

Yes you have to pay to be able to post pictures.  It is so easy to post them though.  I took the whole 30 days before deciding I would pay for a year.  You have ambitious goals there.  The best part is the actions you are already taking now to achieve them.  Most people just set the goals and wait for things to happen!  Have a good Tuesday.  😎

January 26, 2021

Mmm… that cake sounds delish! I love raspberries