My Personal Challenge

My son turns one this month. He’s my only child so far, and it’s been a very stressful one year with him. When he was born in 2020, I was a very different person. I had zero patience, a poor diet, terrible money management skills, and no serious future goals. It’s been such a challenge to become the mother that I want to be. Every time I’m about to pull my hair out of my head, that little voice in my head tells me to chill out now. My husband and I have managed to save some money for a down-payment to our future home. We eat much healthier, and I’ve been improving my cooking skills every day. I’m a natural baker it seems, but not a great cook. That’s changing slowly! I’m overcoming my previous bad habits for the sake of my son. He’s become my motivation for everything I do, and it’s wonderful! Next challenge to overcome: Keeping friends somehow!

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January 22, 2021

Aww! Love this!

January 23, 2021

Welcome! 😀

January 23, 2021

I bet he is as cute as a button!  Who does he resemble?  Won’t be that long until you have a toddler.  That will keep you in shape!  Enjoyed your entry.  😎

January 23, 2021


He definitely looks like my side of the family. He’s a spitting image of my mother. Waiting for him to start walking everywhere. So not ready. Lol