Sailing Away

I cannot wait for the day that we can sail anywhere. Washington is such a beautiful state, but it’s not where I want to plant my roots. Something in my gut tells me that my place is elsewhere. We want to sail until some instinct tells us to stop. Being born and raised in Illinois, sailing is a foreign subject to me. Sailing to a new place every week is a terrifying thought, yet it is the most thrilling idea to think of as well. Both of my parents think we are insane to raise a child on a sailboat because of the long list of safety concerns. Around here though, we know tons of people who have had the luxury to do what we wish to do. Anxiety and depression are serious issues of mine until I hit the water. The local sailors have shown me that there is so much ease, happiness…a calming nature of a sort…out on the ocean. I only hold positive thoughts when we’re out searching for seals, otters, dolphins, whales and enjoying the wonderful weather. Being stuck in a house doesn’t compare. Perhaps this is always what I’ve wanted, and only have I now discovered it. Even writing about the sea in this entry has removed the dark cloud from around me. We are only six months away from purchasing our dream sailboat to live on. Then, seven years after getting our boat, we can begin our journey.

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January 24, 2021

Come sail to Canada! 😀 (Not now cos it’s too icy)

January 24, 2021


Canada is definitely on my list of places to visit! It looks like such a beautiful place. 🌸

January 25, 2021

@danimoffitt97 Merci! 😀 Go west to see the Rockies, visit Ottawa and Toronto, go to Quebec for the poutine and maple syrup… and go east for the sheer beauty. Just don’t visit the East coast in winter.. a sh-t ton of snow and ice.

If you dare, visit the territories..

/this has been a Sammy endorsed advert for Canadian tourism.