Another job disappointment – when will it end?

Got up early today, and have got into the habit of having a shower and cleaning my teeth as soon as I get up.

Things are getting better for me.  I am feeling a lot more motivated with things as I get more discipline and balance in my life again.  Had to cancel Phoenix and Jamie’s shoot because of lack of money, besides Jamie is working at the Gold Coast Indy whilst she’s in Queensland. 

Went to the job interview at the Fish Factory this afternoon, only to find the manager Chris had given the position to someone else about 1 1/2 hours before I got there.  Hmmm!  Why couldn’t he have rung me before and simply told me not to bother coming instead of wasting 30 minutes of my time?  Got a copy of the Courier Mail instead and found 4 jobs in it which I applied for, so here’s hoping.

Also did some guitar practice and Lee and his family came over because they are having their bathroom renovated and it’ll be about a week before the work is completed. 

Had rice and chicken curry for dinner.  I heard that Lincoln wants to come up to Queensland for Melissa’s wedding – yay!! Haven’t seen or heard from him in ages now.  Still haven’t found out how to use Cool Edit to transfer vinyl to CD….maybe try another programme and see if that’ll work.

I spoke to Kay about the weekend practice and she’s fine with it, but I hope that she will find herself some work soon so that she can get her own phone and transport. 

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October 21, 2009

Hang in there- I was in and out of work for a little more than a year due to light industrial lay offs. Keep on trying! Good luck.