Father & Son

Had an interesting day at Wesley Mission this morning.  The supervisor Christine got us all to cast our votes for some new flavoured potato chips that Smith’s Crisps are releasing onto the market.  The Caeser Salad flavour scored the highest with 16 votes, then the Buttered Popcorn with 10, the Kebab flavour got 9, and finally the BBQ sauce got 13.  I did a Trivial Pursuit quiz with the group and left at 11.15.

Next up I installed Audacity to try and get my vinyl transferred (after being recommended it by a user on The Veronicas Message Board) but again no success – only the microphone picked it up with awful background sound.  I’ll try with my ghetto blaster and see if that does the trick. 

I cleaned up my room up a bit more, and also got a call from Wayne Hoffmann from the Herston Lodge for an interview.  We’ll see how this one goes down as I am anxious to get a job. 

Had a nice dinner of fish, pumpkin and chips cooked by Dad.  He said that I could have the potential to make some friends with a few people at Melissa’s wedding who are involved in the music biz, and it’s about time I made friends with well-established people.  Well, it’s easier said than done considering that I’ve been surrounded by nutjobs, flakes and self-abusers in the music biz over the last 20 years and the jazz scene is no better (only a little less pronounced, although I don’t know any jazz fans who are into drugs, even though the early jazz and blues musos were known to used a bit of smack.  Speaking of drugs, Ita Buttrose (the editor of Women’s Weekly magazine) and her husband have been sentenced to 3 years jail for cocaine dealing – sucked in you snobby Jezebel!  I always thought there was something suss about her underneath that hoity-toity exterior.  So now you know. 

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October 22, 2009

I saw that and thought ‘sucked in bitches!’