Getting creative again

I’m getting the creative bug again now with my music, photography and videography.  Last night a lady called Kalisi came to see me about a new lineup I am getting together for my band Laissez-Fayre.  She is from New Zealand originally and she really liked my song lyrics and also liked the whole muse behind the band, which is great to see.

Today, I am planning to take some photos of my friend Jackie Boccacio at the Back Room where she is performing with her band Cheeky Velvet.  She has a new song out called Hello Sailor, which is a throwback to 80’s New Wave girl pop.  I reckon she’s going to be courted by the major labels one of these days on the strength of her music and performance ability –  she has a lot of outfit changes and a great stage presence which lives up to her name.

Tomorrow I’m looking forward to doing a food fight film clip with a couple of models, one of whom I have previously shot with before and it’s going to be her birthday in a few days, so I want to get her a birthday cake and a bottle of wine that she can use for it.  Should be a lot of fun, haven’t done a clip like that in a long while.

Also going to the MIFQ monthly barbecue this morning to interact with people who have mental problems and just listen to them and seeing what I can do to help them out.

In all, it’s been a good week for me, but I need to be consistent with what I set out to do on a daily basis.  There are times when I lapse and then I get demotivated as a result.

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