One small step, fourteen larger ones

Dear Diary,

July is shaping up to be a very exciting month, and I am starting to shape my future with it now that I have a much more positive mental attitude.

These are the things that I have set out to achieve this month:

1) The 30 Day Song Challenge – whereby I learn a song each day and post
it to my Facebook music group and my YouTube channel around 6pm or 7pm
and then share it on SM platforms in a bid to grow my audience.

I have already posted six songs to it, with the seventh coming up tomorrow.  They were:

  1. “Kara Kara” by New World
  2. “Homosapien” by Pete Shelley
  3. “To The Moon And Back” by Savage Garden
  4. “Get Nude For Jesus” by The Nudists
  5. “Let’s Get Naked” by Nell Ryder
  6. “Fur Eyes” by Violent Soho

2) Take a morning walk round the block for 30 minutes each day for the
first 15 days, then for 45 minutes for the last 15 days

So far, I have done this twice in the first six days, and will be doing it again tomorrow morning as well as each day till the 15th until I step it up to 45.

3) Spend the first 5 days decluttering my place – getting rid of crap
that I no longer need, and putting feng shui into practice which teaches
“less is more” where home and work environments are concerned.

Since the start of this month, I have got rid of 90% of stuff that had been cluttering up my dining room and bedroom.  I find I am sleeping a lot more and better, and not feeling so mentally agitated.  I am also going to start reading my books on Feng Shui by expert Lillian Too, who has been writing and lecturing about it for several years.  

4) Swot up on how to start up an independent record company, refreshing
how to start up a small business and learn basic business maths and
accounting for record keeping and establish the company on the 1st September.

I will be achieving this by July 20th, as well as asking a couple of friends who are versed in business practices and accounting for help in this regard.

5) Have my current debts settled by the end of July to Adrian, the
Brisbane City Council, and Linkt

I have finally managed to settle my debt to Adrian, and want to say “thank you” to him for buying me a car and TV set as well as a GPS tracker last year.

6) Obtain permanent part-time employment about 10 – 15 hours a week
doing either supermarket work, pizza delivery driving, warehouse and
stores work or admin work.

So far, I have applied to Airtasker to do some odd jobs and get some irregular or regular money coming in from that.  I will be submitting my resume to Coles, Dominos, SEEK, Career One, Jorga, Indeed, Gumtree and Locanto tomorrow to see if I can get some work from them.  

7) Form a committee for the Brisbane Naturists group, get it active with
promoting healthy living, arts and crafts, nudism,
vegetarian/vegan/organic foods.

After some members had recently left the Facebook group due to being displeased with the change of direction it was taking, focusing more on the ‘clean and green’ side of naturism as well as healthy living and environmentalism, the group is now down to 401 members.  I want to work on ways to attract more people to meetups on the second and third Sundays of a month, especially younger people and families.

8) Get active with the Christian churches like doing readings, prayer
group leadership and music ministry as well as reaching out to the
homeless, destitute, alcoholics, drug addicts and help give them a sense
of dignity and purpose with their lives.

I want to do this with the Kedron Catholic Parish as well as the Salvation Army church Streetlife in Fortitude Valley.  I understand that it’s not considered very politically correct or socially trendy in Brisbane to support Christianity and Catholicism, but I do admire my local churches for taking a tighter stance on security as to whom to accept into positions of leadership and stewardship, especially where working with women and children and the vulnerable such as elderly, disabled, mentally ill and handicapped people are concerned.  

9) Practice my music three times a week, as well as do singing lessons twice a month.

I am resuming music practices next week, including doing singing lessons every fortnight on a Monday or Wednesday or when my singing teacher is available.  Thanks to her and her partner Khesrow, my singing voice has developed a lot of character in the last three years. It has given me the confidence to do karaoke singing on a regular basis, as well as look out for a new backing band.  

10) Have the lineup for Laissez-Fayre finalized by July 31st.

Tomorrow, I will be doing a jam session with a lady called Ami Caple, whom I originally wanted to do the band with in 2015 but she was having a lot of personal and health problems at the time which caused her to put herself on the back burner.  She has now become a Christian, and wants to pick up where she left off despite her health problems.  Yolundy is planning to resume practicing in the middle of this month once she has settled into her day work again, and I still need to hear from Kerry and Cat as to what they want to be doing.  Also need to get a backing band together for the act, which can be a difficult task, but determined to keep trying.  

11) Find a new housemate.

Next week, I want to do a poster run for a new housemate as well as advertise on sites like Real Estate, Easy Roommate,, Craigslist and maybe in the Share Accommodation section of the Courier Mail (if they still have those adverts).

12) Polish up my photography and videography skills by attending the
Brisbane Camera Group every 2nd, 3rd and 4th Mondays as well as learning
how to do underwater photography.

On Monday, I will be signing up for the Brisbane Camera Group, and also want to get a camcorder/underwater camera that I got off ebay (a Philips eSee CAM 150) fixed up to be able to take underwater photos, as well as improve my videography such as getting good lighting and learning how to use editing software. 

13) Keep my diary updated every night both hard copy and the online one
on Open Diary website.


14) Record a version of Patti Smith’s “Rock’n’Roll Nigger” retitled
“Rock’n’Roll Naked” with Shelley from L-F and some guest musicians at
the end of the month.

So far, Shelley is very interested, however I might need to do a bit of hunting around for other guest musicians to contribute to it as well as appear in the music video (especially as Shelley is a bit camera shy when it comes to videoing!).  

15) Get some paid work with a couple of Christian lady friends doing
personal assistant work for an organisation one of them is setting up
for victims of family abuse, and the other providing music for a series
of short films she is making similar to Jay Shetty’s work.

I am planning to meet with Ana Takia for the short films to do some guitar, keyboards and singing for the incidental music next Thursday, as well as Anita David who is doing the charity organisation.  Ana has already made one film, which I got Ami to feature in a couple of weeks ago about domestic violence.

I have discovered that the more I get done, the more I want to do and the easier it is to get more things coming my way whether it’s money, work, or friends.

Anyway, I will pontificate more on these 15 goals at the end of the month to see how successful I’ve been with accomplishing them.


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