Roll on February…

I’ve been away from Open Diary for a while, but I’m making some positive changes to my life in time for February.

First of all is my thought patterns.  I’ve started to think more positively about life, and already things are starting to look up for me.  I’m getting more people coming my way for the Brisbane Naturists group, as well as more photographic models wanting to collaborate with me again.  This is fantastic, because around this time last year it was a bit of a struggle finding the right models to shoot with.

I’m looking forward to my youngest aunt coming from England for a visit in February, whom I haven’t seen since 1986.  She’s 66 years old now and still looks fantastic for her age.  She will be staying for only 2 weeks, but it’ll be good to spend some time with her.  I originally became a fan of The Beatles thanks to her recording some of their albums for me back in ’86 when she came here for a Christmas holiday.

Health-wise, I’m becoming less stressed thanks to a Reiki treatment that I got from a member of my Brisbane Naturists group last week.  It was so relaxing and she said my body will start to heal itself.

Rather than make resolutions, I’ve set goals for each month.  The main one is to get my health and wellbeing back on track by exercising again and eventually going back to the gym and trim my stomach down.  My main goal weight-wise is to go from 120kg to 80kg in the next 8 months.  If it means that I have to change my eating and sleeping habits then so be it.

Also got a call from a chap called Luke who wants to build a nudist venue in Brisbane this year and is looking for stakeholders who would be interested in investing in it.   There needs to be something near the city which is convenient for others to get to, especially younger people who don’t often get much of a chance to venture out of town unless it’s for one of the music festivals.

That’s about it for today, will write more tomorrow.

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